Hi, YuvrajYuvraj here. I I amam aa conceptualconceptual artistartist and writer,writer, creatingcreating immersive worldsworlds andand storiesstories forfor designdesign research,research, socialsocial impactimpact andand entertainment.entertainment.

I have a ‘thang’ for both, the written word, and visual storytelling; and have helped develop myriad projects in various media including games, films, virtual reality and comics. Also on that note, my skills include world building, visual storytelling, writing, concept art, illustration, and storyboarding. All of which together sounds like a bunch, but its all the same same 🙂

Some of my clients include

  • Netflix (India)

  • Quicksand Design Studio

  • Antariksha Sanchar

  • Plexus Motion

  • Unbox Festival

  • Busride Studio

  • Tandem Research

  • Asian Development Bank

  • And many more...

Feel freefree toto writewrite toto meme viavia e-mail jha@monkeyverse.injha@monkeyverse.in