#03. Mass Manufactured Memories

SPECULATIVE NEWS BRIEF. Malviya Nagar, New Delhi.

In a series of extremely bizarre events, peoples memories are being manufactured in the suburbs of New Delhi. What we are witnessing is the death of an individual’s control over their thoughts and actions as they are forced, first into confusion, and subsequently into forgetfulness using proprietary technology many orders of magnitude scarier and intrusive then anything documented before.

To give our readers some context, sometime in the last century, FORM, then known as PLASTIC Corporation, in an attempt to control consumer behaviour, installed an artificial intelligence called ‘Santoshi’ amidst the residents of many suburban districts. Over time this AI has been a listening device to manipulate and coax information out of the citizens.

Santoshi; modelled on the ELIZA model; played the part of an innocent barber bot with mild manners and a good natured aunty that everyone can love. But her ability to process human behaviour and fake empathy gives her the power to coax anyone to reveal their inner workings without their knowledge. This, for FORM, led to easy psychological profiling and behaviour mapping that could then be used to benefit the company using its highly manipulative techniques and tools.

But all of this came tumbling down last month when one of the workers at the parlour revealed the truth to The Circus Times. Due to massive marches on the streets that day, the parlour was shut down, but the incident has been shoved under the rug since. What is even stranger is that, after just three weeks, the parlour has reopened and the residents have welcomed Santoshi with much fan fare and cheering today,

What is indeed surprising is the mass forgetfulness and denial about the incident, pointing promptly at a very sinister plot of some kind.

— Anonymous 101
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