Edible issues, Headless Zen and Fiction research papers

Edible Issues Newsletter

“Edible Issues sent out its first newsletter in February 2018 with curated news, all related to food. From agriculture, policy, tech, start-ups — we looked for news that was a signal to what the future of food might look like for India.

We believe that this exchange of information across sectors of the food-scape can create spaces for collaboration and take us a step closer towards solving some of the major food related issues that haunt us every day.”
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To experience zen-like awakening, try going headless

“Mind has no colour, such as green or yellow, red or white; it is not long or short; it does not vanish or appear; it is free from purity and impurity alike; and its duration is eternal. It is utter stillness. Such then is the form and shape of our original mind, which is also our original body.”
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The case for Fictional Research Papers

Was researching design fiction for creating scenarios for the plastic circus and found this 🙂

#designficiton #speculativedesign

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