Doctor Who, Savanna Restoration & the Metaverse

This week there’s no videos, but the articles I found fascinating.

A very interesting article on fake doctors.
“We asked Neog about the methods by which he identified fake doctors. There are often clues, he said: shoddy prescription notes, demeanour unbecoming of a doctor, mismatches in registration numbers.”

Perhaps my few acres of restored savanna will be overlooked when the tallies are made, but my efforts contribute to the achievement of the Bonn Challenge to restore 350 million hectares of land during this, the United Nation’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

“The near future will see huge growth in social media and productivity software that places the user in some version of space, in relation to objects or goals or other users. More software will orient us on a map of tasks or content. Avatars — whether basic shapes, likeness renderings, or super kawaii characters — will promote a sense of presence. “Being there,” body language, and personal style (presence aesthetic) deserve digital equivalents that can help us overcome constraints like the limited visual frame and latency of video chats. There’s simply too much meaning and utility in embodiment to reserve it only for games.”

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