Policy, data and rights challenges for AI, Metaverse and Open-software

Some really interesting resources found through the Digital Futures Lab. They are doing some really cool work, go check them out if you don’t already know of them.

— Extended reality technologies including augmented and virtual reality are the foundations of the so-called metaverse. While these technologies are still in the early days of development and use, many tech evangelists and investors are claiming that the metaverse will be the future of the web and as transformative of our everyday life as the smartphone…We need to pay far closer attention to the narrow interests driving these developments, and their likely societal impacts. Else, we risk leaving our future in the hands of a small section of technology companies and investors, mostly from Silicon Valley, with grave consequences for human rights, equity, and political accountability.

— If you are looking to start a peer-learning programme on artificial intelligence (AI) for national government policy makers in developing countries then this handbook should be helpful. It may also be useful if you are looking for training content or delivery ideas for any kind of technology policy course in academia, government, civil society and even the private sector.

— Despite sustained efforts by a committed minority, free and open-source software has not yet been widely adopted by the Indian government, education, or industry. This paper by anthropologist Jasmine Folz explores obstacles, ideological divides and the way forward for the FOSS movement in India.

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